About Scott E Miners

“…For this…is the great error of our day…: 
That physicians separate the soul from the body.”  —Plato, in Charmides, or Temperance, tr Benjamin Jowett 

About the man

Scott e Miners

Intuitive Health Scans, Counseling & Consulting for Body, Mind, and Soul

I was very sensitive when a child, and couldn’t make out why my peers didn’t seem so. I felt the emotions of others as if they were my own. I knew things, but sometimes got criticized for saying so.

I thought there was something wrong with me—until I first heard a friend’s mother talking about clairvoyance and medium communication. This was at age ten. Years later, in graduate school, I was given a revelation—my first spiritually transformative experience.

Since then my career path led me to work for first for seven years with Dora van Gelder-Kunz (1977-’84). I chose this job as editor of a magazine because she was the executive, wise, and actively clairvoyant. I’ve since worked and trained in remote viewing and with other skilled intuitive professionals such as Shannon McRae, PhD, Anna Raimondi, Janet Nohavec, Suzanne Geisemann, and Vincent Genna. See my book with Shannon titled: The Healing Effects of Energy Medicine: Memoirs of a Medical Intuitive.

I love to use my skills and training to help. There is a power of peace in the present moment, and that is a main component of employing intuition with accuracy. 
Messages emerge in a session supportive of mental, emotional, physical, and, therefore, spiritual health. Assessment of the body often unfolds as well and can assist in nutritional and other health issues.

Session Details

During a session intuitive insights in the form of messages will unfold. Spiritual guidance, uncovering a past event not forgiven, identifying aspects of physical health in general can all be combined in one session. 
My practice (phone or zoom) honors confidentiality. I love this work and do it by donation only: Scott@scribescott.com

“Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”  —Physicist Max Planck, interview, The Observer (25 January 1931) p 17, col 3


“Scott has a way with words, and the messages are clear and rich.” —Kate D, Seattle, Washington

“You have described my mother-in-law and qualities of her life and personality, yet it was the messages you gave that were the highlight. It’s true, I do need to stop taking life so seriously and have more fun, and love myself enough to do what I want instead of work so hard.” —MO, Italy

“The body-scan session with Scott was quite enlightening. 
Scott’s warm and gentle manner put me at ease as he spent five minutes scanning. 
His accuracy was amazing. 
He could see I have sleep issues. 
It was great to hear about non-pharmaceutical solutions to resolve the insomnia that I have had for the past 25 years. 
He also noticed that I have had sinus issues and offered another natural solution to getting rid of the allergies that are associated with it. 
As Scott scanned, he also saw that it would be useful for me to do a liver cleanse, and he suggested an easy, effective one. 
This session was very helpful for me. 
It was wonderful to learn how to adjust and balance my organs and endocrine system with simple remedies. 
I highly recommend Scott Miners.”   
—AM, Elk Grove, California


“Scott, you were spot on. 
Before the session I had an intent to hear from my father, which you did not know. 
You described him perfectly and felt and conveyed the subtle things that only he did. 
His message about his relationship with my mother was very healing for me
I didn’t know if he’d realized how hard it had been for her.”   
—Ann R, Toronto


“You just described my young son. 
He died of cancer at the age of 7. 
His message to party and get yellow balloons and play with them, put them on strings in the back yard and bounce them back and forth, was perfect. 
His birthday is tomorrow, and we are having a party in his memory! 
Also, yellow was the color of the cancer ward where he died.”   
—PR, New York


Scott Miners has exceptional intuitive abilities. 
His long-distance health scan was totally accurate, and extremely helpful. 
He noted my problem areas in his unique style, and he offered ideas for natural remedies. 
Also, he saw the correct location of spinal inflammation and what it wanted to heal. 
I love that he confirmed natural health remedies I was considering but was unsure if my body needed! 
Thank you for sharing your gift of insight!   
—Jeanne Hamm, Richmond, Virginia

Website & Services DIsclaimer
Information on this site is of a general nature and is not advice or authority nor meant for anyone to base decisions or actions upon contrary to personal will or choice. Intuitive readings are for spiritual guidance purposes only. No guarantees of any kind are implied. Recipients always have free will to choose whether or not they will follow any message. Each recipient is completely responsible for any actions or decisions they take following their reading.
         Intuitive readings are not meant to be any form of medical diagnosis, therapy or treatment; nor does a reading or message aim to provide any medical, legal, or financial advice or replace any suitable professional services. Please consult an appropriate licensed professional, if you feel the need for such a service.
** Please note the intuitive communication can not control who comes through in a reading (eg: you may want to hear from your mom, and instead your father comes through). It is often wise to trust the intelligence of Spirit, as each person can have a relevant message for you.
         Visitors to this site by engaging it agree that they make their own decisions; there is no professional relationship implied or expressed between the website creator or contributors and visitors or readers. Testimonials on this site, while verbatim, do not constitute a guarantee or any warranty that others will have the same experience. All readers or visitors to this site agree that any risk they take in conjunction with information on this site is by personal choice and they hereby release the author of the website from responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, and actions. The material on this website is copyrighted and any reuse or printing, whether in digital or print formats, is prohibited unless the user has obtained permission from the website owner.


I love your letter…. I think it was really stunning. I wanted to do something along that line, but I think you did it better.  —Physiologist Valerie Hunt, PhD, author of Infinite Mind

I’ve read a lot about [cancer] and alternative medicine…and you stand out in my book as being one of the best writers in the field.  —Anne Harris, Essiac researcher

I feel rewarded, uplifted and profoundly touched by your article “On Mastery.”  —Jacqueline Snyder, founder, Sacred Life Ministries

Scott, so glad there are people such as your self who share their insight and wisdom.  —Thank you! Debbie W

I love your quote from the great mystic that, “There is more knowing in the felt sense of Wholeness than words or years of learning can ever teach.”  —Thanks for all! Kate D

Scott, thank you for sharing who you are with all of us—for we are each other.  —Kate A, Eastsound, Washington

Your editorial perspective in the current issue was a grand kick in the consciousness. We all make choices, and I think most of us humans are not aware of how important each choice truly is.  —Shadow, Dayton, Virginia

Thank you for your keen insight, your sharp perception of our commonality, your understanding of brothers and sisters, and above all your brilliant communication of what you have gained in your own pursuit of Truth!  —Elona B, Seattle, Washington

Your editorial was one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s the way you brought connectivity mixed with science so that it was easily understandable. Who could have guessed you’d think you aren’t doing an amazing and wonderful thing with that journal!  —Cynthia L, Tucson, Arizona

More about Scott

Political Science / English Literature, BA, University of Arizona, June, 1974; 
Law, Western State University, College of Law of San Diego, 12/75 to 8/77; 
Comparative Religious Studies, Northwestern University and University of Chicago, 1984; 
College of DuPage, World Religions, 1984; 
University of Washington, South Asian Studies (Buddhism, Hinduism), masters program, 1985; 
Counseling Psychology, DePaul University & Seattle University graduate studies, Fall, 1984 to Winter 1987. 
Communication Skills, Career, Personal Growth, 
and independent trainings in hypnotherapy, as well as intuitive insight and therapeutic touch energy healing 
(with Dora van Gelder-Kunz, Anna Raimondi, Suzanne Geisemann, Jnaet Nohavec’s group, and others) 
Brainwave hemisync. 
Certificates in and from trainings with Alex Orbito, Philippine healer, 
The Sacred Life Association, Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, and “Yes,” the family counseling center in Bellevue, Washington.


New Times, Tucson, Arizona, 1974; 
Managing editor, The American Theosophist (monthly 1977-1984) now Quest Magazine, 
Including over ten special editions of the magazine, several of which were later published as books 
(East Meets West and A Spiritual Approach to the Healing Arts); 
founder, editor, Common Ground of Puget Sound, 1985-1988 and Well Being Journal, 1991…present

Hobby Interests
Hiking, ecology, writing, music, 
family, interacting with positive people, potential and evolution in politics, economics, health, education, and science.

Books I have created or co-created include A Spiritual Approach to Relationships (Quest 1984), 
Portuguese Brazilian Edition Visão Espiritual Da Relação Homem E Mulher (1992); 
Thoughts, Attitudes, and Your Health (Turning Point Press, 1991; digital); German paperback as Deine Gedanken, Deine Einstellung, Deine Gesundheit (Crotona Verlag, publishers, 2019, www.crotona.de); 
Beyond Common Thought, 1987 and 
Soul Enchantments 1988 (both with Jacqueline Snyder, 1988) Windsor House Publishers; 
and The Healing Effects of Energy Medicine: Memoirs of a Medical Intuitive (with Shannon McRae, PhD) Quest Books, 2015; India (English) New Age Books, 2017; translations published in German (Aquamarin Verlag) and Spanish (TPH).

Literature, or a Few Favorite Reads
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius,
Epictetus and other Stoic philosophers, and anything Plato wrote! 
The Sleeping Prophet, by Jess Stearn; 
”The Tempest,” Wm Shakespeare; 
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin;Fruits of Solitude, by William Penn; 
Breakthrough to Creativity, by Shafica Karagulla, MD; 
Essentials of Medical Intuition, by Wendie Colter; 
The Personal Aura, by Dora van Gelder Kunz; Pride and Prejudice (and all of Jane Austen’s other novels!); 
Interpersonal Living: A Skills/Contract Approach to Human Relations, by Gerard Egan; 
Non-Violent Communication (Compassionate Communication Skills), by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD; 
Any of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s works; 
The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra, PhD; 
Interviews with Scientists and Sages, by Renée Weber, PhD; 
Tao Te Ching, LaoTsu; 
The Eye of the I, by David Hawkins, MD, as well as all his other books; 
Fabric of the Universe, by Denis Postle; 
A Course of Love, Mari Perron receiver; 
Choose Only Love, Sebastian Blakesley, receiver; 
A Course in Miracles, Helen Schucman, receiver;
 Beyond Common Thought: The Joy of Being You, by Jacqueline Snyder; Dialogue on Awakening, Tom and Linda Carpenter; Way of Mastery, Shanti Christo Foundation….