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Welcome to the word lines I’ve traced from the field of thoughts within the Field of all. See my stories here.

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Intuition, Creator’s awareness of the subtle behind all form in each individual, takes a back seat during human growth years for most—the teens, twenties, thirties, and sometimes longer. This is natural, as ego-formation and adjustments to a personal identity unfold. Then there’s collective life, which can, if you let it, occupy the left hemisphere of the brain predominantly.

Your intuition indicates something can succeed that others may question. Perhaps you know something will occur, a call or message from someone, or you have a feeling to avoid a thing or place. When you focus on this field of shimmering insight, adventures occur that you might miss when mind relies upon intellect alone.

There is a heart-centered warmth, often the ending of grief, when the consciousnesses of loved ones not tethered to physical bodies anymore give evidence of awareness of you. Intuitive wisdom, kindness, and appreciation enchant life. Words that flow from this expansive place can brighten personal reality for another.

Intuition is an important part of creation. There’s a new, more peaceful world here. The unlimited mind and heart know it!


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