Intuitive Hits, Heart Insights

“No, the heart isn’t just a pump, as cardiologists describe it. It is more. Scientists can measure its energy from five feet away. It radiates. It activates our deepest values, transforming them from something we think about to what we live. It knows things our mind does not, cannot. The heart is the place of courage and spirit, integrity and commitment. It is a source of energy and deep feelings that calls us to learn, cooperate, lead, and serve.”
           —R Cooper and A Sawaf in Executive EQ (1997), New York: Penguin Putnam


YOU CAN SEARCH in the religions and philosophies of the world. Read an abundance of fine literature. Learn and realize much from the sciences. You also transcend and enhance all that and expand the mind and awareness with the wisdom of your heart.


The heart center is not the physical heart, rather it is the energy associated with this area of the body. The wisdom of heart accompanies feelings of admiration and appreciation. When these are predominant in awareness, you can perceive connection with all that is. The heart is open and the thymus gland and immune system are enhanced.

You can have a background of formal and informal study. You can engage in meditations on verbal and scriptural wisdom. You can have a cognitive understanding, since childhood, of all of these. You then understand more, but also there is innate, intuitive knowing. It is when certain revelations unfold at various times that you realize the depths of great truths.

Intuition & A Nosy Ghost

It was my first formal attempt. It substantiates the abundant evidence that the unique consciousness of “you” does not cease being once the body dies. This case might help you if you are just developing an interest in opening to more than physical identity.

I joined an intuitive group workshop. I had recently met the presenter, Suzanne Giesemann along with her husband Ty. They were both former US Navy commanders and Suzanne was Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. Several years after this event their daughter, Susan, was killed by a lightning strike.

Suzanne turned to mediums of communication. She wanted confirmation about coincidences (butterflies appearing as she thought of Susan). She wondered if it might be Susan. She consulted with several seers, intuitive practitioners, and received substantive evidence about Susan.

Giesemann began regular meditation. She traveled to learn from one of the intuitives who had invited her to a group instruction. During the class, this mentor challenged Suzanne to give an intuitive reading for the group.

Giesemann wanted to please the woman and proceed. The teacher advised her to be mentally quiet, focus on a person in the group, and then verbalize the first impressions that came. She gave this “reading,” and realized she herself had untapped intuitive communication skills.

She began to offer her own workshops on communications with loved ones in the afterlife after ten years of practice with thousands of clients, or “sitters.” I attended one shortly after my mother’s death. There were sixty-five participants who learned five basic principles of communicating intuitively. The main idea was to help calm the brain and tune in to intuition.

Being Open

My mother had recently died, and I felt a new openness. There were coincidences after her death that seemed to be communication from her. The sitter/partner for my first practice session was a woman sitting next to me. I felt apprehensive about my ability to do this.

Thankfully, my partner encouraged me—and then readied herself to take notes. It was a challenge to be calm and expand my awareness beyond the linear thinking. Too, there were 64 others in the small room, and half of them were already talking. I remembered that Suzanne advised us to have fun and say the first things that come to mind.

The Nose.

Doubts circulated around me like a dust devil in the desert; there seemed to be no impressions coming my way despite my effort to focus. I worried about what the sitter thought of me! Many of the ten-minute time increments had already passed.

Then my nose started to run, and I began sniffling, which was disconcerting. “That’s not normal, my nose never runs!” I said (my partner noted the comment). My doubts increased, but I kept after it (“just keep asking for evidence,” Susanne had said). 

Then came the kind of biting of the lower lip one might do when trying to solve a problem. This was not a habit of mine, but at least, I rationalized. it might show the sitter I was trying! Then mentally, “Well, the heck with it, just say whatever comes to mind.”

I surrendered and focused on the signals I had predetermined. It was a subtle feeling on the right side, meaning a male energy. Ah, so I asked a silent question, a telepathic message, “How old were you when you died?”

An impression came, a sort of vague picture in an old black and white photo—a man in his mid-70s.

“How did you die?” Answer: a feeling or knowing that it was a heart failure. The sitter noted all this on her pad of paper.

“What did you do for a living?”

The impression came that this man’s work had something to do with the earth. There was an image of the ground, soil, and rocks, that came into focus. It was an unclear picture, but it distinctly had to do with minerals or something akin.

Then an image emerged in the mind (or somewhere in consciousness) of a garden with vegetables, and the sitter noted this as well. Was she being massively patient? Was any of this information related to her or any loved one she knew?

I continued to “play” and asked the next question, which was about this male’s family. An impression of a family of four, a boy and a girl and a man and wife emerged. The feeling was that this male loved his family but that he wanted to have a better relationship with his wife, as if something was a little off. The sitter wrote as I conveyed these impressions.

An announcement came that the ten-minute limit expired. Simultaneously a completely distinct image of a very large nose appeared in my mind’s eye. It was unmistakable, so I said, “Oh my gosh, I just saw an image of the largest nose you could ever see.” My partner noted it, and looked up at me.

Now for the uncomfortable truth. I doubted the impressions I spoke were valid. How kind would the sitter be as she broke the news: it must all have been my imagination?

She gathered herself, then said, “Scott, you were spot on.”

“I was?” I replied, a bit incredulous. “This woman,” I thought “is going to be very kind and make something out of nothing here!”

She stated, “This morning, I asked in prayer that my father be the one who’d come to give me a message. When your nose started to run, and you sniffled a couple of times, and you said that your nose never runs, I knew my dad was here with you. His nose constantly ran, and he was always sniffling.”

“He must have influenced me somehow.”

“Also, you were biting your lip after that, and my father always did that too. Then when you said he worked with the earth and saw a garden, well, that clinched it. My father was a farmer!”

“Also, he was abusive to my mother, and that you perceived he wished he could have had a better relationship with her, well, it made a big difference to me to hear this. It was as though he was acknowledging that for me. We did have a family of four, just as you saw, with a boy and a girl.”

She continued, “Also, my father died, most likely of heart failure at age 72, but he’d had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t communicate for many years before he died.”

“I’m so surprised,” I said, “but pleased it made sense.”

“Oh, it sure does. Also, by the way, he had the biggest nose you could ever see. At the end when you saw the image of his nose it was a confirmation that sealed the deal for me. My dad had come to communicate through you, and you made my day.”

So, this revelation of consciousness, my reception of a small speck of it, does not make me special. It is even only unique in that I, as have many others throughout human experience, focused and practiced. Everyone has the ability; no one is outside the vast awareness of the universe. ∆

Scott E Miners found love in a career as a journalist, author, and as editor of several publications, most recently Well Being Journal. See more at His books include Thoughts, Attitudes & Your Health and, with Shannon McRae, PhD, The Healing Effects of Energy Medicine: Memoirs of a Medical Intuitive.