The Light Within

“Let us be continuous and regular in meditation…. In the end, the reward is well worth the effort expended. Most of us waste hours each day when just a few moments spent in daily search within would bring more peace and joy, and more true happiness.”       —Edgar Cayce, A Search for God, Book 1, p 19.

One of the ways to be the best self you can be is to meditate first thing in the morning on awakening. You set your day this way and it makes it easier to navigate all that is before you. It is good to set aside 10-20 minutes for this, and again later in the day, after much activity. Then, before retiring for the night do so once more.

Bringing the attention to its Source can happen in the twinkling of an eye. Focus is the key. You can record guided meditations that serve. You can customize your own. The main thing is to set aside time to quiet your mind and be with your Self in peace. A wise man to someone who complained that he didn’t have time to meditate: “You don’t have time not do so.”

Light Meditation

Quiet and focus your mind. Imagine a Great Light. It is and expresses from infinity and is in you and all around you. It comes from within and goes through you and out into the cosmos. It is alive and ever-present.

Hold your mind, heart, and the fullness of your body open; feel deep and meaningful appreciation for life. Send a message in communion with the Infinite Light Source, with Creator,  All That Is holding the attitude, “I am available. Let this energy flow through my being here.”

Welcome the harmony and balance you feel throughout your being. Imagine yourself in a both a spiritual and physical existence that is your ideal. This is what would be a dream come true into this reality, heaven on earth. Hold the thought of yourself as a living manifestation for expression of the unlimited capabilities of the divine miracle, the union of all.

With your eyes closed and your heart open, think of those you love. Send them the feelings you have of the grandeur you experience. Let yourself feel that you participate in miracles of oneness, that they facilitate themselves easily through you. The miracle is knowing love, union. Feel a “Yes” to this feeling moving through you and throughout your being. Breathe deeply this “Yes,” with ease and simplicity, a natural “Yes.”

Send a great and magnetic invitation of attraction through the Light within and of all to all in the divine Light to assist, guide, heal, love, and interact with all that you are in all aspects of your existence. Surrender to the wholeness and feel what it is to be healed by doing so.

Feel a glow of light around you and coming from you that originates with the Light of Creator Source and with you. Keep this image with you wherever you go. Re-energize it whenever you feel it needs to be, and let your light brighten this world. Hold the thought that miracles and healing are commonplace in the lives of those who commit to let it be so simple as that Great Light emanates from them, a Light that you are as well.

Intend to keep this state of grace. So be it. ∆

(Appreciation to Jacqueline Snyder who was the first to receive this meditation, which is slightly redacted here.)